Specialist First Aid Courses

First Aid Response Level 3

This HABC qualification is ideal for those wishing to gain a more comprehensive understanding of first aid, along within an understanding of how important medical/environmental intelligence is when dealing with a range of casualties.

The approximate course duration is 4 days; however this may be adjusted in accordance to meeting learner needs. Topics covered include: the roles and responsibilities of First Aiders; assessing an incident, recognising signs and symptoms of injury and illness, assisting a casualty who is suffering from major injury and illness, correct use of an AED, medical provision awareness and environmental impacting factors.

The qualification is assessed via practical demonstration and portfolio of evidence.  All successful students will be issued with an HABC Level 3 Award in First Aid Response certificate, which is valid for a period of 3 years.

FPOS Basic

The First Person on Scene FPOS course is designed for those involved in providing initial emergency care for example Community Responders, Fire and Police Officers, personnel involved in the security industry, senior cabin crew and industrial first aiders. We offer two levels, basic and intermediate.

Taking the first aider onto the next level, topics in this course include pre-hospital assessment, respiration and airway management, circulation and shock and trauma related injuries, medical emergencies, cannulation, fluid therapy, spinal immobilisation.  Delivered by experience medical professionals with front line experience this qualification is endorsed by the Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care (Edinburgh) and is certified through Edexcel.

Pet First Aid

This course is aimed at anyone who requires a course in first aid for pets. It is ideal for Pet owners or Pet professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for Dogs and Cats but this information is also suitable for most other animals. Understanding basic first aid for your pet will give you the skills to assist them and prevent them from getting worse before professional help is given by your vet. The certificate is valid for 3 years.

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